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  • 34 Heritage

    34 Heritage was created for today’s gentlemen—evolved, well traveled, and stylish. The superior fit and shape of 34 Heritage provides a style guaranteed to be complimented for men of any age.

  • Brighton

    The Brighton brand was founded by Jerry and Terri Kohl, who envisioned a different kind of company that would be built from the heart - focused on treating our customers and employees the way they love to be treated. Brighton was launched in 1991 with a single collection of belts. Over the years, it has evolved into an extensive line of stylish products that accessorize men and women from head to toe. 

  • Castaway

    Crafting traditional coastal clothing that has passed the test of time—embroidered Bermuda shorts, seersucker shirts, corduroy pants, and more—with a love of the sea, sport, friends, and family in mind.

  • Dapper Classics

    Fred and Harrison Rich were dissatisfied with bland men’s hosiery that would sag and bunch upon wear. They were also troubled by the limited options for American-made men’s dress socks. In 2012, the father and son team founded Dapper Classics with the intent of producing stylish Made in USA fine men's hosiery. After months of planning and research, they partnered with a third-generation North Carolina mill that helped them realize their dream of producing fashionable American-made socks for men.
    Expertly knitted, the style and comfort of these dress socks are unparalleled by the best imports. We know that “Dapper is in the Details” and believe that a gentleman’s socks can pull together his entire ensemble. Their socks complement a wide range of menswear—from casual attire to business suits and formal wear.
    Their socks can be purchased at more than 200 specialty stores across the United States—allowing many to shop Dapper Classics while also supporting their favorite local businesses.

  • Duck Head

    In 1865, Civil War veterans George and Joe O’Bryan had an idea - repurpose surplus army tent material to make work pants. Supplies were scarce throughout the South. Their product couldn’t fail. Enduring quality wasn’t a principle, it was a necessity. The brothers were avid outdoorsmen so the heavy canvas material, also known as “Duck,” felt right as their company moniker. After failed attempts to register “Duck” with the U.S. Trademark Office, they added “Head” and the legendary brand, complete with a mallard logo, was born. O’Bryan Bros. operated into the 20th century producing various work clothing such as overalls and denim jackets under the Duck Head/O’Bryan Bros. label. Their production was held in such high regard that the government contracted their services to make soldier uniforms for WWII.

  • Faherty

    High quality clothing with a focus on sustainable and innovative fabrics, with a gotta-feel-it-to-believe-it softness.

  • Forrest Lennard

    Maker of casually luxurious woven shirts, sourced globally to find the finest 100% cotton and 100% linen fabrics. These shirts form the foundation of a timeless and distinctive look, one that ensures a sense of style no matter the occasion.

  • Gill Marine

    Founded by the desire for better, to explore further and inspire others to experience more, they have never stood still. Gill is committed to seeking new ways to be innovative, while minimizing the impact it has on our environment. 

    As they continue to inspire the next generation of adventurers, to push boundaries and challenge the norm; Gill invites you to be part of their sustainable journey. The path to true sustainability is a long one, but together we can play our part in protecting the environment.

  • Hari Mari

    Comfortable, colorful, durable flip flops for every adventure. Attention to detail and quality materials make these flips look good and feel cool.

  • HookNHide

    HookNHide Inc. is a small belt buckle company located in Charleston, SC. It was created by Tom Mauldin, an avid outdoorsman and artist. Born in Louisiana and raised in South Carolina, Tom grew up hunting and fishing in the great outdoors of the SouthEast. It was through his passion for fishing, and appreciation of the natural beauty of the Southern Coasts that inspired the creation of Hook N Hide LLC in 2008. Designed by Tom, each belt buckle is hand crafted, making it a unique and wearable piece of art. The buckles are made of 'tumbuga", a non specific mixture of different metals, including brass, copper, gold and pewter. The blending of these metals gives the buckles a rustic and handsome patina that increases over time.


  • J.T. Spencer

    JT Spencer began with a dream of manufacturing high quality custom logo belts right here in the USA that could be sold at high end golf and country clubs.  The Original Embroidered Belt hit the market and quickly began to gain momentum with pro shops all across the country.  After establishing a strong foothold in the golf market JT Spencer forged a partnership with Peter Millar who made our company an official licensee of their brand and greatly expanded our customer base in the golf business domestically and abroad.  

  • Jack Black

    Premium Quality, High-Performance, Easy-To-Use Personal Care Products, created with superior ingredients.

  • johnnie-O

    Combining east coast prep with west coast casual for the ultimate in look and feel.

  • Luchiano Visconti

    Since 1990, Luchiano Visconti has been bringing high quality, detailed menswear to the public. Luchiano Visconti started off as a small group of retail stores across New York City and Northern New Jersey. Luchiano Visconti has done everything from retail to wholesale. Luchiano Visconti has always been a family business, and remains as such to this day. A small team of hardworking individuals does everything from designing to customer service to shipping. Even now, as we ship to over 300 stores in 3 countries, all of our products are handled directly in New York. Luchiano Visconti has high production standards so you can feel confident you're receiving a great, authentic product. Each item has details that make each article of clothing a unique work of art. All of our clothes are manufactured in an ethical and sustainable factories, so you can feel good about wearing our clothes outside and in.

  • Missani Le Collezioni

    Handmade Italian leather jackets and vests. Perfectly crafted to wrap you in luxury!

  • Peter Millar

    Timeless style with a modern twist, a premium American lifestyle brand founded in 2001 in Raleigh, North Carolina, producing casual sportswear, luxury performance and golf attire.

  • Pig & Hen

    In the early 1600’s the Dutch were the leading nation sailing out to unknown parts of the world, with the biggest naval fleet the world had ever seen. With some serious sea legs, they discovered new lands, different ways of life but also ran into some big obstacles along the way.

    To protect themselves against bad luck the men had a tattoo of a pig and a hen on their feet. It was believed it gave the sailors the ability to survive when they had to abandon ship. The sailors felt they would be able to find land, just like the Pig and Hen who were kept in wooden crates and thus floated, and would let the tide bring them home.

  • Royall Lyme of Bermuda

    And so it was that Mr. Gaade, a renowned Bermudian yachtsman and competitor in international races—through vision and tenacity—brought the very first Royall fragrance to market in 1957. Royall Lyme fragrance is made from the plumpest, freshest, native West Indian limes, nurtured and washed by pure island rains. The recipe traces its origins to a very old Caribbean formula obtained from Harbor Islanders, comprised of rare essences totaling 78 ingredients. The resulting Royall Lyme fragrance is cool, zestful, and refreshing, as perfect for work as it is for play. 

  • SAXX Underwear Co.

    Their story starts in 2006, when their founder asked: why can’t men’s underwear be better? After spending hours on a fishing trip in a clammy ocean suit, he wondered if there was a way to fend off the uncomfortable effects of chafing and friction down south.

    The answer was SAXX. Simply put, this is underwear designed differently. Their technologies move with you and deliver revolutionary comfort every step of the way.

    Thanks in large part to the patented BallPark Pouch™ – our defining piece of internal tech – men now know that underwear isn’t just an afterthought. It’s the foundation of a comfortable and distraction-free day.

  • Smathers & Branson

    In 2004, while roommates at Bowdoin College, the owners decided to start a company that offered needlepoint belts. They had each been gifted a needlepoint belt from then girlfriends and became intrigued with these unique accessories. After looking to buy finished belts, they realized that there wasn’t a company that featured these timeless items. From the start, the goal was to make the belts more available, attractive and affordable. They had always shared an entrepreneurial spirit and after discovering a concept that they were passionate about, Smathers & Branson was born. 

  • Southern Tide

    The coastal lifestyle brand embodying a Southern state of mind and adventurous spirit, throughout its exciting selections of apparel and accessories.

  • Sperry

    Timeless, nautical style, the authentic original boat shoes for enduring comfort—plus loafers, sneakers, sandals, and more.


    Founded in 2006, SWIMS reached fame with its reinvention of the classic rubber galosh and has since expanded its range to include footwear, apparel, and accessories for the modern man. SWIMS reinvents classics that are smart, elegant, weather friendly, and infused with utility.

  • Tommy Bahama

    The premier purveyor of island lifestyles and maker of luxury lifestyle clothing and accessories.

  • Trask

    They travel beyond the plains searching for leathers and materials that meet the rigorous standards of Trask and they have found it in some offbeat places around the globe. Because different leathers have different properties, every hide that's crafted into Trask is selected by hand. From Bison to Elk, each of these hides require special attention to enhance their unique beauty. Like making small batch bourbons, our production process is time honored and true. Their way isn't the fastest or easiest, but we think it's worth the extra effort. We think you will, too.

  • Turtleson

    Welcome to Turtleson, a brand inspired by the rhythm of our hometown. Rooted in Bristol, Tennessee, we live, work, travel, and play at our own pace. On the golf course, at the office, downtown, or out-of-town, they believe setting your own pace inspires comfort and confidence. That's why they are intentional about designing clothes and accessories that are adaptable to fit your speed. your life, your style, your pace...